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Absence Manager

Does your organization/school district need an automated absence & substitute management system?

Stuck with a software that does not accommodate your unique requirements?

Switch to gPlex® Absence Manager- A smart and cost effective solution for absence & substitute management.

What is gPlex® Absence Manager?

gPlex® Absence Manager is a cloud based absence & substitute management system for business organizations and educational institutions. Automate your workforce management with our smart and easy-to-use software, customized for your specific needs. gPlex® Absence Manager's intuitive and convenient features help manage staffs and substitute's absences & schedules and fulfill temporary vacancies automatically. Save on time and money by using gPlex® Absence Manager software.

Salient Features

* Cloud based service.
* Data compatibility with HR & Payroll applications.
* Smartphone App.
* Data export facility.
* Unlimited US & Canada calls included.
* 24/7 support.


* Create & manage absence online, on app or via telephone.
* Assign pre-arranged substitutes or let the gPlex® Absence Manager find one for you.
* Get live notifications on absence requests.
* Get various reports on your staff absences.


    * Find jobs that meet your preferences.
    * Accept jobs online, on app, by SMS or via telephone.
    * Get live notifications on job availability.
    * Get reports on your jobs.
    * Manage your availability online.


      * Have temporary vacancies filled automatically.
      * Review and approve absence requests.
      * Live notifications on absences & substitution assignments.
      * Real time historical reports on absences & substitutions.
      * Manage on the go with smartphone app.

        Absence and Substitute



        gPlex® Absence Manager is a steadfast automated absence and substitute management system, a software you can depend on to manage your workforce.


        Your data security is our utmost priority. Our system keeps your data completely secure while keeping information at your fingertips when you need them.

        User friendly

        gPlex® Absence Manager is an easy-to-use system. Our efficiently designed software ensures that users can navigate through features with ease.