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The Company

Welcome to Genusys Inc.

Genusys Inc. is a Texas incorporated company founded in the year 2003. The company was established to take advantage of the window of opportunity offered by the ongoing Information Technology (IT) and more specifically IP based voice service revolution. The founders and employees of Genusys are some of the best of the breed in the IT business.

By now Genusys has established itself as a reputable technology based entities providing IT services and IP based telecommunications related services. Our services include, but not limited to, wholesale voice carrier (CLI routes), VoIP soft-switch and billing solutions, contact center solution, mobile dialer solutions, IP-PBX, IP based home phone service etc. Genusys wholesale voice service combines TDM and IP telephony technology to provide voice inter exchange and termination gateway services. Genusys is focused on keeping pace with the fast changing nature of global IP based businesses.

Superior Quality of Services

We are committed to providing superior quality of all its services and fair dealings with its valued customers.

Keep up with Advancement of Technology

The key to Genusys's success in winning and retaining its customers is its constant focus on improving existing and developing new service products by adapting to and taking advantage of technological advancements.

Excellent Support

Genusys Inc. is committed to and provides excellent live support services to its valued customers on a 24/7 basis.

Genusys Inc. - Thriving on Innovation in IP Technology

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