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gTalk Business Phone Service

gTalk® Cloud PBX is one of the important additions to modern day business technologies. The technology allows businesses of all sizes to reap the benefit of advanced telephone system without any investment in equipment other than IP phone sets. In fact, the entire telephone system is operated and maintained by your cloud PBX service provider. Cloud PBX system lets employees work from their homes, hotel rooms, or using their smart phones while still being connected to the office PBX system.

gTalk® Cloud PBX provides complete suite of business communications services suiting individual business needs at affordable costs. gTalk® cloud PBX features include telephone numbers, local/long-distance calling facility, auto-attendant service, call queue, conference calling, do-not-disturb, and much more. It offers companies with multiple locations the ability to operate under one umbrella, allowing increased productivity and reduced resource requirements. Now, your workers can work from home, or any location globally with our easy to use, plug and play gTalk cloud PBX solution.

gTalk® Cloud PBX system is developed to deliver high quality service to its users. High quality implies prompt delivery, crystal clear voice quality, stable and reliable service, user friendly features, accurate billing, easy user level account management facility on the web, prompt customer care service etc. You will surely be pleased with the quality of service of gTalk® cloud PBX system.


gTalk® PBX is a professional grade high quality user friendly cloud based service for businesses of any size. We are customer focused and walk the extra mile needed to meet special customized needs of individual businesses. Excellence of service is at the heart of everything we do. As a business owner it makes sense to partner with gTalk® for your business communications needs.

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Why gTalk® PBX?

gTalk® PBX service is flexible enough to connect multi location businesses under a single PBX platform, scale up and add services instantly, and reconfigure setups at moments notice.

gTalk® PBX being a cloud based service relieves the users of any maintenance headache and ontrol your account with an easy-to-use online portal.

gTalk® PBX service is highly scalable. You can increase or add capacity as your business grows without having to worry installation of new equipment.