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gTalk® is a prepaid international pinless calling service for customers in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA. gTalk® pinless calling service is different compared to traditional calling card services and is not sold in the form of calling card anywhere. As such gTalk® pinless service is not a calling card service. gTalk® pinless service in only offered on-line or over phone through gTalk® call center.

gTalk® pinless service is for making exclusively international calls. This service in not for domestic calls and does not support toll free or emergency calls. Call anytime to almost anywhere around the world and enjoy quality services at reasonable price. You can use gTalk® pinless calling service from your home, office, or while you are traveling.

The goal of gTalk® is to provide its valued customers with premium quality international calling service at competitive rates. We firmly believe over time gTalk® pinless calling service will be recognized in the industry as a popular service for its quality, gimmick free transparent billing system, competitive rates, hot number dialing facility, and host of other unique features. We look forward to serving you in the months and years to come. For details visit:


“gTalk HotDial” app can be used on your Android mobile, iPhone or windows phone to make calls using gTalk® “Hot Number” feature. It enables you to add/edit “Hot Numbers” and makes it easy to dial directly from your phone contacts.

gTalk HotDial Mobile App Features:

  • Direct dial from Hot Number list.
  • Dial any destination number straight from phone's contact list.
  • Add/edit 40 Hot Numbers.
  • No need to remember Access Numbers any more.
  • Check your account balance.
  • Recharge balance.
  • One touch dial to 24/7 customer care center.

gTalk is a premium quality enhanced prepaid pinless calling service for making exclusively international calls. If you value quality and looking for pinless calling service with convenience of unique hot number dialing feature, gimmick free transparent billing system, 24/7 live customer care and online account administration facilities then gTalk is for you. We invite you to open your gTalk account now and experience the difference. Be a gTalk customer for life. For details visit:

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    Pinless Long Distance Calling Service
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    Premium Quality Service
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Info gTalk® App

gTalk® is a premium quality pinless calling service for making international calls and texts. This App is for gTalk® Pinless customers to make calls directly from their smart phones without dialing any access number. The App has two operational modes to make calls. One is “HotDial” and the other is “Global”.

In this mode the App dials a gTalk Access Number or Hot Number through your mobile network. The App will dial specific Hot Number when you dial from Hot Number list. If dial from Speed Dial or from Dial-Pad, the App will dial an Access Number and pass destination number as DTMF tone.

In this mode the App uses mobile data link to make calls. Use of a data service (either WiFi or mobile data) is required. There is no need of mobile phone service. The Global mode is ideal as alterative to roaming service i.e. for calling from overseas, Airport, Hotel, or in flight. You may dial from Dial-Pad, Hot-Dial/Speed Dial list, or from Contact list and experience fast dialing process. User can switch between modes anytime by touching a toggle button “HotDial/Global” placed at top-right corner.