gPlex® Call Blaster Solution

Reach millions customer in hours

Call Blaster

gPlex® Call Blaster is a highly scalable automatic over the phone message broadcasting system. It can dial millions of numbers in matter of hours. It can manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. Its management tool allows setting of media changes, minimum and maximum ports, control of Calls per Second (CPS), and much more. The system comes with real-time dashboard and rich reporting features including provision of customized reports. The gPlex® Call Blaster is an independent system which can be deployed either as a stand-alone system or as part of a ‘Contact Center System’.

Reach Millions in Hours

The gPlex® Call Blaster system enables businesses to reach a large number of contacts simultaneously to disseminate relevant information, all executed under a single campaign. Built-in interactive voice record (IVR) system could be deployed to obtain customer responses or to perform business processes through Application Program Interface (API) integrated to back-end-ecosystem. We endeavor to deliver high quality services experience to our business clients so that they are able to reciprocate the same to their customers.

Highlights of gPlex® Call Blaster

● Reach millions of customers in hours.
● Run several campaigns simultaneously.
● Real time dashboard for call statistics and sales count.
● Built-in IVR to obtain customer feedback.
● Can perform business processes through API integration.
● API-Interface to pull contact information from third party CRM.
● Can upload millions of contact information as Excel, CSV, text format etc.
● Automatic Language selection.
● Support STM-1/E1/SIP trunking.
● Stand-alone solution scalable to 2000 ports/channels per campaign.
● Zero capex and low opex.
● Service available through hosted platforms under pay-as-you-go model.

gPlex® Call Blaster Business Cases