gPlex® Smart IVR Solution

gPlex Smart IVR allows users to enjoy quick, instantaneous service from the Visual IVR

  • Smart IVR Solution

    gPlex® Smart IVR allows users to enjoy quick, instantaneous service from the IVR. Unlike the traditional IVR, customers do not need to wait, listen to the entire IVR or remember which IVR node is what. gPlex® Smart IVR is an internet enable service which does not require the customer to install any apps as long as the phone is equipped with internet capability with HTML5 compatible browser. Besides, its audio and visual representation enables customers to get quick service on the go and save customer huge costs from the traditional IVR.

    gPlex® Smart IVR® Schematic

    gPlex® Smart IVR Modality: Customer will call the call center (short code) and select Smart IVR service through DTMF. The call will be then disconnected and a SMS will be sent to the customer with a onetime link, upon clicking on that link customer will be able to use gPlex® Smart IVR service.

    gPlex® Smart IVR request will come from smartphone into Smart IVR web. SIVR service will the get the information from the database through DbLIb, and play the static announcement and get Instant Customer Endorsement (ICE), as well as pull the account related service or any other information via API from the City bank ecosystem to provide the dynamic service to the customers.

  • gPlex® Smart IVR Features

    ✔ Customer no need to remember the DTMF for the corresponding service node.
    ✔ gPlex SMART IVR is both compatible with smartphone and tablet as long the phone is capable of internet connectivity.
    ✔ Customer does not require to install any apps to enjoy the gPlex SMART IVR service.
    ✔ gPlex SMART IVR service is created with the concept of responsive design, it means based on the customer smartphone/tablet screen size all the menu will be align according to the screen aspect ratio.
    ✔ Customer can easily view or get service from gPlex SMART IVR through backend integration with client ecosystem via API.
    ✔ In gPlex SMART IVR with the help of news bulletin feature company management can broadcast short message to all live customers who are using SMART IVR services.
    ✔ gPlex SMART IVR also support small forms where customer can directly submit forms to the company. E.g. For internet banking service customer will no longer need to go to the bank, rather through gPlex SMART IVR can submit the form directly to the bank.
    ✔ gPlex SMART IVR also can also be integrated with the gPlex OTP module for an additional security during financial transaction.
    ✔ Seamless integration with existing IVR.
    ✔ Better routing, less zero-outs and fewer calls.
    ✔ gPlex SMART IVR has both audio and visual representation of the IVR nodes, along with backward and forward of the IVR nodes and an option to enable or disable sound.
    ✔ Management can enjoy rich reporting of the customer interaction. For example: Service Report, Service Summary, Interactive Customer Endorsement Report, SMART IVR Menu & Service Hit Count.
    ✔ Since, gPlex SMART IVR is an internet-driven service gPlex recommends deploying the solution under the DMZ zone.
    ✔ Most user friendly experience compared with the traditional IVR.