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Cloud PBX Service

Are you over paying for your business phone service?

Are you looking for reliable, user friendly and cost effective business phone service?

STOP over paying and upgrade your legacy business phone service by switching to gTalk cloud PBX service.

Why gTalk PBX?

gTalk PBX service is smart, reliable, and surprisingly economical. It has everything that current generation best IP PBX technology has to offer with the potential for 40 to 60% cost savings. No capex except IP phone sets, no maintenance headache, endless cool user friendly features, no geographic boundary, smart mobile App, high reliability and scalability, etc. are just some of its virtues. For details visit:

Auto attendant

Automated answering and call routing based on caller input, without the need for a live attendant.

Call park

It allows you to 'park' a phone call, placing it on hold to be answered on other phone later.

Voice mail

Every extension of gTalk PBX has its own configurable and customizable voice mail service.

Mobile app

gTalk PBX app allow executives' smart phones to be used in the same manner as desk phones in their main offices.

Excellent support

We are committed to providing excellent support to our valued customers 24/7.

Low cost

gTalk PBX will save your current business phone costs between 40 to 60% on monthly.

Reliable, Economical and Smart

gTalk cloud PBX service provides small to medium businesses an innovative and cost effective solution to meet their voice communication needs. No specialized equipment needed at customer premises thus no in house maintenance headache.

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Talking with gTalk PBX

If you're looking for an enterprise grade state of the art cloud PBX service for a fixed monthly fee without any capex, gTalk cloud PBX is the perfect solution for you. No equipment in your office, just plug in ip phone. So go for gTalk cloud PBX service.

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Talking with gTalk PBX App

Smartphones allow executives on the road to remain in touch with their company. Mobile apps of gTalk PBX make use of the smartphones to extend office PBX service to executives on the road. In office use phones but while on the road use gTalk app.

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gTalk PBX Reliable, Feature rich, Economical and Smart Cloud Business PBX service.

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