Smart Business Phone Service

STOP over paying and upgrade your legacy business phone service by switching to gTalk cloud PBX service.

gTalk Cloud Phone

gTalk PBX service is smart, reliable, and surprisingly economical. It has everything that current generation best IP PBX technology has to offer with the potential for 40 to 60% cost savings. No capex except IP phone sets, no maintenance headache, endless cool user friendly features, no geographic boundary, smart mobile App, high reliability and scalability, etc. are just some of its virtues. For details visit:

  • gTalk® PBX - Smart PBX and big savings for your business.

  • gTalk PBX Mobile App - For busy executives on the go.

Reliable, Economical and Smart

gTalk® PBX - Latest IP PBX technology and big savings for your business.

gTalk® cloud PBX service provides small to medium businesses an innovative and cost effective solution to meet their voice communication needs. No specialized equipment or software needed at customer premises thus no in house maintenance headache. gTalk® cloud PBX system rides on existing Internet service and provides integrated local and long distance voice services covering your entire organization. It is a feature rich service and can easily rival those of advanced traditional PBX system.

Worldwide Adoption

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Benefits of Switching to gTalk Cloud Phone System

  • Scalability

    gTalk cloud phone easy to integrate and managed, you only pay for and use what you need. With a traditional phone system, it can be a hassle to add another user. With gTalk you can grow as your company grows, which is why it is such a popular tool for many businesses just starting out. It is so easy to scale your phone system to what your business needs right at the moment it needs it. This means no waiting for an overloaded IT department to add more phones, or phone lines, or to download important phone data, allowing your business to move and grow faster.

  • Customer Engagement

    Your phone system is part of the larger customer experience. It touches all aspects of your company. A cloud system can enhance this customer experience, and allow your company to fully engage with your customers at key touchpoints along the way. Salespeople and account managers can use these insights to follow up with prospects or customers – for instance when a prospect calls, it automatically integrates information supplied from the CRM so a salesperson can follow up with a more personal touch. Cloud phones can be more than just a phone system; they can quickly turn into a strategic focus and a competitive advantage.

  • Mobility

    Today’s workplace is increasingly mobile, and small businesses especially need to be able to operate from multiple locations. Using gTalk users can be anywhere in the world and use gTalk cloud phone system. This ensures you will never miss a call, and that all users, no matter their location or device, will have access to the same features and functionality be used on a smartphone. This encourages uniformity and professionalism among mobile employees, and in-between varied locations. Mobility is important for both traveling employees and businesses with multiple locations all over the world.

  • Reliability

    Having a reliable phone system is critical in today’s business environment. gTalk Cloud phone systems have Reliable, Resilient, and Redundant. Consider the following example. When your business experiences a power outage, and emails stop getting through or send a bounced message. But gTalk cloud phone system will be always live. Your phone system plays a critical role in business operations and the experience customers have with your organization. Switching your phone system to the gTalk cloud can help you to better manage costs, give your team the time needed to focus on growing your business and prepare your organization to meet the future of business communications head-on.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Using gTalk clud phone system you will enjoy disaster recovery. gTalk Cloud phone systems have greatly advanced system recovery and business continuity in the face of an outage.

  • Cost-Efficient

    Companies want to cut operational costs as much as they can. Usually, traditional telephony will require upfront investment and regular maintenance costs, not to mention a lock-in period. In the gTalk cloud phone system, allow you to pay-as-you-go, depending on your actual need for the service.

gTalk PBX Mobile App

Smartphones allow executives on the road to remain in touch with their company. iPhone or Android apps of gTalk PBX make use of the smartphones to extend office PBX service to executives on the road. Executives in office may use VoIP desk phones but while on the road may use gTalk PBX app. The two approaches complement each other and can be easily used in conjunction.