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Contact Center Solution

* Are you looking for current generation smart cloud or premise based contact center solution?

* Are you over paying for your existing legacy contact center system?

* Are you looking for geographically dispersed contact center operations under one system?

STOP looking any further – gPlex® Contact Center Solution is the answer you are looking for. Learn more …

Why gPlex® Contact Center Solution(Cloud/Premise)?

Whether you need cloud or premise based contact center solution gPlex® Contact Center solution is possibly the most feature rich, cost effective, easy to deploy, reliable, and highly scalable system. If you want to have agents geographically dispersed – no problem. gPlex® Dashboard allows monitoring of contact center activities at a glance on real time basis. It helps quick realization to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Reports and charts generated by gPlex® contact center system are numerous and very effective contributing to the efficient operation of your contact center. For details visit:

Maximize Agent Skills

Hourly Talk Time
Quality of Service
Maximize Utilization of Agent Capabilities
gPlex® Contact Center

gPlex® Contact Center system allows utilization of skills, capabilities, and experiences of agents to the maximum. Incoming calls may be intelligently routed to multi-skilled and variable experienced agents contributing to efficient utilization of contact center resources and at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction. Features like ‘Find last agent’, routing calls to ‘maximum idle agent’ all add to the superior customer experience and fairness of task load distribution.

    Supervisor Dashboard
    gPlex® Contact Center

    Supervisor Dashboard allows to monitor contact center activities at a glance, in real-time, and even remotely. Supervisors can monitor call related activities of agent’s including bottlenecks in the operations on the dashboard as these are taking place. It helps making quick decision making to increase session productivity and customer satisfaction.

      Performance Evaluation
      gPlex® Contact Center

      gPlex® Contact Center system allows for building of historical database on every aspect of its operations and present the same to the stake holders at various levels in report and chart forms. Its presentation of such reports on need-to-know basis preserves confidentiality of business operation and at the same time serves as a powerful resource to effect changes to business operations and bringing about efficiency at every level of operations. The historical data so preserved also helps in market analysis and decision making on marketing and sales matters.


        Your Business by gPlex®

        gPlex® contact center solution is specially designed to provide call center owners the most reliable, scalable, feature rich contact center technology at affordable cost.

        Reports & Analysis

        gPlex® contact center generate reports and graphs on real time basis as well as based on historical operational data. Reports help you to plan and control operations.

        Reliable, Scalable & Feature Rich

        gPlex® contact center system is highly reliable, scalable, and feature rich. Make best use the system.

        Support & Updates

        gPlex® contact center solution comes with 24/7 live customer support service. Our customers never have to feel helpless in case they need technical help.

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